How does the cloud enable smart manufacturing?

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence is collaborating with Microsoft to provide cloud-based services using a secure, open, and scalable platform. This partnership helps customers with data synchronisation and provides real-time data insights from anywhere, anytime. Diego Tamburini, Microsoft’s Sr. Industry Strategist for Design & Manufacturing and Sachin Mathur, Program Manager for Hexagon’s Smart Factory Solutions, discuss the benefits.

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Real-time Situational Awareness and Continuous 24/7 Reality Capture with BLK247

The Leica BLK247 is a reality capture sensor that detects changes within 3D environments and provides real-time situational awareness through edge computing and LiDAR-enabled change detection technology. Designed to be installed for continuous 24/7 reality capture, the Leica BLK247 detects the movement and placement of specific objects within 3D environments.

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BLK2Go: Scanning Complex Indoor Environments

With the Leica BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner, users will experience newfound mobility when scanning complex indoor environments. It’s completely mobile and captures 3D reality in motion!. No longer bound to static scanning positions, the BLK2GO tracks the location and orientation of the scanner in real time to maintain spatial awareness. Product manager, Paula Fortuny Lopez shows how the scanner integrates visual, LiDAR, and edge computing technologies for accurate results.

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