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When Technology Underachieves its Potential

Are we demanding less than we should?

I always hate to see unmet potential.

That extremely talented employee. A child, blessed with so many natural gifts. A product based on a great idea. Yet, for whatever reason, none of them living up to their full potential.

Since I’m CTO of a leading technology company, you may find it strange that I could even consider that technology is underachieving its potential.

Every day we’re bombarded with new articles about technology’s “promise”, but frankly, I’m impatient as to the progress made toward those promises being fulfilled. But, truth be told, all of us are impatient with where technology is today. We all think it should do more.

Lucky for me, I happen to work with an amazing group of technology “overachievers” with the courage to deliver big gains for shaping smart, disruptive change.

We call it Smart Convergence.

For starters, Smart Convergence demands collaboration – collaboration across disciplines, business divisions and continents. This is why Hexagon’s Innovation Hub is a “hub” in the truest sense of the word, as its spokes reach out and connect all of Hexagon’s R&D experts.

But while collaboration is essential across business lines, it is even more vital that technology “plays well” with other technologies. I believe this is the single greatest challenge facing innovators and enterprises alike. A single technology rarely solves anything on its own. For technology to reach its greatest potential, it must work dynamically within a broader ecosystem.

This is the notion behind the Hexagon Smart Convergence platform. Now, before getting caught up in a semantics argument around the myriad definitions of “platform” – a term used to describe everything from technical “platforms” to speaking “platforms” to “platforms” of opportunity –  let’s simply agree that a platform enables great economies of scale.

Find the wheelmaker and leverage the wheel.

This is the simple but powerful idea behind Hexagon Smart Convergence – to provide a foundational framework with built-in enabling technologies so that neither our businesses, nor our customers, need to reinvent the wheel.

Manufacturers manufacture, farmers farm and miners mine. City governments manage myriad complex processes that make a city tick. Each one is focused on a unique set of operational disciplines. Yet, there are technology capabilities across every one of these disciplines that should be accessible, intuitive and seamless to all.

Think of it as a convergence of useful “ideas” that all can leverage – from cloud deployment and scalability, edge connectivity for all devices and enterprise integration for legacy systems. From mobility frameworks with zero footprint to advanced analytics everywhere and network-optimised visualisation that brings mixed reality to new heights.

Simply put, the Hexagon Smart Convergence platform is a foundational and enabling framework that allows our businesses to focus on what they do best – whether its building a safe city or intelligent farm solution. In a sense, the framework powers the operational solutions they develop in a way that enables them to do their greatest good.

My colleagues are always telling me to take a deep breath, that not everything happens at “Internet speed”. I must admit they’re right. Overachieving doesn’t have to come at the speed of light, provided the journey counts just as much as the destination. Because for every challenge we’re working hard to solve today, there are 10,000 more on the horizon that we can’t yet see.

That continuous pursuit for technology to overachieve – that’s shaping smart change.

The Shape of Potential. Shaping Smart Change.

Claudio Simão
Claudio Simão

As Chief Technology Officer for Hexagon and president of Ventures, Claudio Simão leads the organisation in its mission of leveraging cross-divisional technologies and a solution-centric strategy. Simão joined Hexagon in 2002 as president of Hexagon South America, where he continues to lead an aggressive growth strategy. During his tenure, Simão also has served as president of Hexagon Metrology Asia-Pacific. Prior to joining Hexagon, Simão held the position of president and CEO of Pluriform Plasticos, SBQT Sistemas and Netstal-Quality Equipamentos. Simão holds degrees in mechanical engineering and physics, has written several books on physics and technology, and holds various patents in sensors technology.

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