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Finding gender parity at the edge of innovation

In this episode of HxGN Radio, we sat down with Sara Masterson, Director of Positioning Services, and Sandy Kennedy, VP of innovation, from Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. Sandy and Sara share with us their experiences in the search for gender equality and parity while working at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Success Stories|Thought Leadership|Autonomy & Positioning
HxGN Radio
HxGN RadioPodcast
The Mayflower Autonomous Ship has landed!

Now that the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) has successfully completed its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, it’s time to check in with the project’s team leads. In this episode of HxGN Radio, they provide fascinating details about the voyage and what’s next for the project.

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Shedding new light underground

In this episode, we sat down with Craig Banks from Hexagon’s Mining division to discuss how Hexagon is applying its industry-leading surface solutions for planning, operations and safety to underground mining with a new underground technology portfolio. 

Tech Trends|Mining