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Key Note Premier – The Disruptive Power of Transformation (TV100)

The world isn’t just changing; it’s changing at an accelerated rate. Connectedness is forever changing the business landscape. The speed at which new technologies emerge and the complete datafication of our world are simply mind-boggling. So the question for organisations seeking quick response to any challenge or opportunity remains:
Do we want a better version of now or something completely new?

Where change improves the past (better, faster, cheaper), transformation creates the future — a shift so drastic it invents a new reality. In this keynote, Ola Rollén, Hexagon President and CEO, will address some of the trends creating widespread disruption in the engineering and geospatial industries, giving context to the transformation opportunities ahead.

Together with the company’s divisional presidents, several of Hexagon’s leading customers and partners will join Rollén to share stories of how they’re putting valuable data to meaningful use. They will discuss what they’re doing to ensure they have the right information and tools to not only improve, but drive transformation across their business and industry.

How we choose to shape the waves of change will either drive or disrupt our future. A future that’s ours to invent.