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HxGN SMART Convergence: A Key Component of Hexagon’s Enabling Technologies

One of the most important requirements being placed on today’s digital solutions is the need for highly optimized workflows that enable streamlined operations and improve productivity. As the smart applications run in a distributed manner connecting devices and machines from edge to the enterprise systems and finally scaling up in the cloud, these optimized workflows also need to be enabled in all these contexts.

At Hexagon’s Innovation Hub, we constantly work on developing enabling technologies that help us create smart solutions. These solutions provide additional value for our customers in the form of simplified data and system integration and by enabling new digital monetization models.

HxGN SMART Convergence, Hexagon’s digital transformation platform, is an end-to-end solution enabler that is being developed to provide features like intelligent edge-to-cloud connectivity, remotely deployable application- and user-specific, real-time workflows and enterprise integration, as well as providing mobile and web front-ends.

The need for on-edge intelligence, also called edge analytics, becomes critical as the solutions grow in scale and complexity. Simple telemetry to cloud cannot solve this challenge adequately because of the involved latencies. Understanding the growing importance of real-time decision making on the edge, HxGN SMART Convergence lays a strong focus on smart edge connectivity and on-edge analytics.

In an implementation for Hexagon Agriculture, we have created a highly modular and scalable end-to-end solution, called HxGN AgrOn Logistics, using the HxGN SMART Convergence platform. Using HxGN SMART Convergence has enabled bidirectional connectivity between the edge, i.e., harvesters and farm vehicles and the mission control in a sugarcane harvesting scenario.  We call it augmented connectivity because it provides seamless edge-to-cloud workflows that can be easily tailored to address user and application-specific requirements, making the solution highly adaptable to ever-changing requirements.

HxGN SMART Convergence also forms the connectivity and dispatch backbone for numerous public safety products and solutions in the form of our product EdgeFrontier, which is a part of HxGN SMART Convergence. The edge capabilities of HxGN SMART Convergence are an integral part of several connected products from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

For us at the Innovation Hub, it is very exciting to work on a key enabling technology like HxGN SMART Convergence. We are working hard on implementing new features into the solution and on enhancing it through collaboration with other technology providers so it can serve as a common foundation for all of Hexagon’s smart and connected solutions. The recent addition of Catavolt’s rapid mobile development and micro-service orchestration technologies to HxGN SMART Convergence is an important step to realizing this vision.

Developing enabling technologies that create smart solutions for living on the edge – now that’s shaping smart change.


Asif Rana Executive Manager, Hexagon Innovation Hub
Asif Rana

Asif Rana heads up the Applications Centre in Switzerland which is part of Hexagon’s Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is Hexagon’s corporate research and development wing working on the enabling technologies like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, as well as Augmented and Virtual Reality, among others. At the Innovation Hub, Asif manages the development of HxGN SMART Convergence, Hexagon’s digital transformation platform to create connected and smart solutions for Hexagon’s business applications. Asif joined Hexagon in 2007 after completing his PhD in Electrical Engineering. He also holds an MBA from IE Business School. Asif keenly observes the exponential growth of digital business and how its strategic use provides long-term sustained growth for organizations worldwide.

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